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Things You Must Know About Pick and Pack Services

Pick and pack services are popular offerings from many fulfillment service providers. In this article, learn everything that you need to know about this convenient service and how it can help your business.

You've probably heard of picking and packing services before, but understanding its intricacies can help you decide what such services can actually do for your company. Basically, parts of an order are picked on cartons and then packed in a large box or envelope which is further sent to the recipients.

To understand better how this service is carried out in a fulfillment center, take a look at the following example:

An agricultural business needs its products to be shipped to the customers as quickly as possible because the goods are usually time-sensitive and also have a shorter shelf life than other types of products. Because of this, they need to move through the warehouses faster.

When the company wants to focus more on its products by eliminating manual sorting and packaging of the goods by its staff, it partners with a fulfillment center in order to carry out the warehouse picking and packing service as per specific requirements. This involves the use of software, system integration between the center and the agricultural company, and a clear understanding of the products, the delivery times and all other services considering both sides.

So, once an agricultural company transports its goods to the fulfillment center, the workers there gather the produce from the master cartons, assemble them together and prepare and label those for further shipment to the customers.

What to Look For in Pick and Pack Fulfillment Services

For a picking and packing arrangement to run smoothly, the fulfillment services should pay much attention to detail as well as the whole organization procedure by assigning enough staff in place for handling the volume and a defined chain of command for handling other problems. System integration must be successful and everyone involved has to be clear on their responsibilities.

In our example, if the fulfillment center is not adhering to the agreed-upon service terms because of disorganization, the produce can stay in the storage longer than it is supposed to. This may result in delayed orders and/or orders with spoiled goods reaching the agricultural company's customers. If the ordering system from the agricultural company isn't aligned properly with the fulfillment center's systems, it might result in incorrect orders or even the orders could be lost.

If the fulfillment center does not have enough staff during the agricultural company's busy season, orders may be delayed or filled incorrectly. Similarly, if workers aren't clear on the agricultural company's requirements, orders that aren't packaged properly could go out to the customers. If there is a huge problem, both the fulfillment center and the agricultural company must know how to communicate with each other in order to resolve the issue as quickly as possible before it harms both the businesses.

Keeping all these variables in mind, you need to do a little research and know what to look for before selecting a fulfillment center for pick and pack services. Find below a few basic areas that you should look into while evaluating a company for pick and pack fulfillment services:

Warehouse Picking and Packing Pricing

Generally, fulfillment centers charge for various parts of this service, including receiving, shipping, order fulfillment, and storage. First and foremost, your pick and pack partner should be transparent about their pricing. There's a lot of variety between fulfillment centers when it comes to pricing for such services. So, look for the fulfillment center that best meets your needs, that too at a price which your business can afford.

However, you should not let prices alone determine the worth of a fulfillment center. As you're allowing another company to handle your products and prepare them for your customers under this arrangement, you must keep in mind the kind of services they will offer. This is incredibly important, as their work will essentially be the first thing which your customers will see when they receive your goods.

Finally, fulfillment services specialize in various things. Some focus on handling a specific volume, such as 200 orders or fewer per month while others target a specific industry or goods type. Hence, make sure you're looking at the kind of fulfillment centers that will focus on your volume and product type because they will have the experience and the kind of staff which is vital to ensure that the relationship with your customers is successful.